PP Spun Sediment Filter

Wholesale Polypropylene Spun Sediment Cartridge Water Filters. We've approved NSF standard 42. Universal 5 Micron Available. Support Private Label & Customize Orders.

20x2.5 inch PP Poly Spun Sediment Water Filte Tested By NSF

Product Specification:
  • Item : PP20
  • Min Order : 200 pcs
  • Output : 1,800,000 pcs Per Month
  • Cert. : NSF, WQA, IAPMO
  • Service : Private Label, Customize, OEM&ODM
  • Supply : Bulk Distributor, Resellers
  • Location : Los Angeles, CA
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pp water filter cartridge

pp water filter cartridge

pp water filter cartridge

pp water filter cartridge

Support customizations of private labeling, grooved, press lined, embossed and other OEM&ODM making.
PP Water Filter Cartridge

Supply Wholesalers & Retailers & Resellers.   Email: inquiry@uswaterfilterstore.com
Competitive Price, Excellent Characteristics, 7x24 Hour After Sale, NSF/WQA Certified.

Model No: PP20
Minimum Order Qty: 200 pcs
Material: 100% Food Grade Polypropylene
Micron Range: 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 Micron, etc.
Length: 10 to 60 inch
Supply Ability: 1,800,000 pcs Per Month
Sample: Free
Supply: Bulk Distributor, Whole Saler, Online Reseller
Services: OEM&ODM, Private Label, Customize
Business  Whole Sale Manufacturer
Brand BestPure
Product Category Fridge Filter, Pool & SPA Filter, Water Filter Cartridges,etc.
Output 50,000,000 pcs Per Year
Foundation Year of 2001
Cert. NSF, WQA, IAPMO, TUV, etc.
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA

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