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Why Drinking Water in My House Awful and Stinky?
Published by BESTPURE September 18,2020

Some times you find there are awful and stinky smells come out of tap running water and drinking water taste very bad. This may happen due to several reasons includes Chlorine Bleach, Hydrogen Sulfide, Earthy or Musty odors. Most of smells could be solved by installing a right water filter system.

Drinking Water Filter

Smell of Chlorine Bleach

If there is chlorine odor in your tap drinking water, you should use a reverse osmosis water filter system to deal with it. Under sink RO system is the most efficient system to filter out residual chlorine in drinking water. Chlorine bleach is used to disinfect water and keep water away from bacteria and viruses from water supply to residential blocks. While the side effect of it is the annoyed smell. Take an action to stop let your home drinking water suffering from chlorine from now on.


Hydrogen Sulfide

Another bad odor smells like “rotten egg” come into being with Hydrogen Sulfide gas. A disgusting smell worse than chlorine bleach occur in private wells. Some other reasons bring it to your drinking water have decay, chemical reactions with soils, existed sulfur bacteria in ground water or other plumbing systems. In order to get ride of this rotten egg smell, whole house water filter system is a pretty good choice for you. It is installed at the Point-of-Entry of your house to filter all the water flow into your home. Shower water, cooking water as well as drinking water, etc.


Earthy, Musty, Grassy or Fishy Odor

From the words you may consider these odors related with ground and something about it, you are right. Two things make drinking water with those odors. One is decaying organic matters in the drain and another is well water pollution from ground issues. Since this kind of odors usually occur in well water, you could fill a glass of tap water and walk around by swirling the water inside the glass few times meanwhile. If the water in the glass does have any odors, it is the problems in drain. Cleaning, disinfecting and flushing are enough to remove odors.


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