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How to Reduce Unusual Smells of Well Water?
Published by BESTPURE December 04,2020

Compared with city water supply, well water contains more impurities, TDS and less contaminants, chemicals. Some unusual odors and smells will come out of well water even there is less contaminants than city water.

Well water

Earthy Smell

Well water contains too much clay and sand. Dust, sand and clay stacking in well water so there is earthy smell of well water. The efficient way to reduce earthy smell in well water is to installing a whole house water filter system. Polypropylene sediment filter cartridge and activated carbon water filters are 2 kinds of filter cartridges can reduce impurities and sands in well water significantly.


Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide can give well water a stinky odor smells like “rotten egg” and this gas can occur in wells and somewhere else. According to this smell, users can install under sink/countertop water system or RO filter system with activated carbon filter cartridges inside to deal with well water. Activated carbon has excellent adsorption effect adhere gas molecules in well water easily. Both the 2 water filtration systems let your well water reach to drinking water standard.


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