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Professional Pool Spa Water Filters Manufacturers
Published by BESTPURE April 12,2021

Pool spa water filters are used to purify water in swimming pools and bath hot tubs which is an essential part of commercial&domestic pool & spa water filtration systems. This passage will lead you through 4 major advantages of pool spa water filters.

End Caps Withstand Chlorine Degradation Well

On both sides of pool spa water filters, the end caps can excellently withstand degradation of chlorine even after long time of using. This point guarantees good water filtration effects of pool & spa from the beginning to the end. Customers do not need to worry about that filtration will become worse during utilization.


Anti Microbial Effect

Pool spa water filters can be made of anti microbial fabric to inhibit growth of bacteria, virus and many other small organisms. This is especially good for infant and the elder which makes sure that water is germ-free without any damage to human body during swimming or bathing.


Easily Captures More Sediment

Our pool spa water filters adopt unique trilobal structure to maximally filter out most of contaminant and sediment of gravel, dust, algae, debris, leaves and small organisms. Better dirt holding ability lets the cartridge to eliminate particles and substances well.


Washable & Reusable

Sediment and impurities need to be rinsed regularly to prolong its lifespan and assure a stable filtration effect as well as performance.


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