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Water is the foundation of all life—choose purest water to drink
Published by BESTPURE May 28,2020

Water is colorless and tasteless. It is the most important medium for absorbing, storing and transmitting natural energy and symbiosis information (Bio-ResonantInformation) to organisms. It is the medium for the exchange of all matter in the living body. So why not choose purest water to drink?

New York Times paper on the causes of cancer suggests that dehydration can disrupt the normal physiological functions of many aspects of the body, thereby providing conditions for the production and spread of cancer cells. Good water can promote metabolism, and help to sweat and stabilize body temperature, smooth blood circulation, prevent arterial pollution and effectively prevent and reduce obesity.

purest bottled water in the world

Water and gastrointestinal relationship

Some bad habits in life, such as eating supper, sleeping late, and eating irregularly, make these toxins unable to be excreted in the body, causing accumulation in the intestines, and purest water to drink can help the stomach to remove these harmful toxins in time.

Water and kidney

The kidney is made up of several glomeruli, and the body needs about 5 kg of water per day. Polluted water enters the kidneys of the human body, increasing the incidence of stone disease.

Water and liver

One of the functions of the liver is to process and filter blood. The pollution of water quality will promote the quality of blood. Therefore, the quality of water pollution is one of the main causes of liver disease.

purest bottled water in the world

Water and skin

Purest water to drink can speed up metabolism, detoxify and nourish the skin, and it is shiny.

Water and blood vessel

The heavy metals in the blood combine with the oil to form a thrombus factor, which forms a blockage with the flow of blood in the stenosis, causing vascular diseases .Therefore, the quality of water pollution is also one of the causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Water and brain

80% of the brain's components are water. The brain will get most serious damage of people when they are dehydrated . Water is the main energy of nerve conduction, and sufficient water allows the brain that has been in operation for a day to rest and adjust.




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