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How Does RO Water Filter System Remove Bacteria?
Published by BESTPURE September 18,2020

Home raw water carry many different kinds of bacteria and viruses such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E.coli of bacteria; Enteric, Heptatitis A, Norovirus and Rotavirus of viruses. A home RO water filter system is the fastest as well as most efficient way to isolate them from running tap water. Here introduce all three filtration process of RO water filter systems especially RO membrane filtration of bacteria and viruses.

ro water filter system

Pre Filtration

There are more or less dirt in home water we could recognize with naked eyes like micro organisms, residual chlorine and other possible tiny substances. By using a RO water filter system, maximumly reduce the impurities to let the water sanitary enough for drinking and cooking. Some particles in water did not get attention may let you and kitchen ware suffering. RO water filter systems normally adopt a kind of cartridge inside named PP water filter cartridge to intercept sediment, dirt, dust and potential bacteria carried by these particles. Another reason bacteria and viruses may exist is the utilization of chlorine bleach. Water factories usually put a lot of chlorine in water for disinfection. While there be some residual chlorine remain when water flow into residential areas. Here comes another function of RO water filter system aims at bacteria elimination. Activated carbon filter cartridge (CTO/GAC water filter) element in RO water filter systems have an excellent effect to absorb free chlorine and some possible bacteria as well as viruses.


RO Membrane Filtration

RO membrane filter cartridge is the essential part of a RO water filter system. It is semi-permeable membrane only allow pure water elements flow through without any bacteria and viruses. It has very a micro volume up to 0.0001 μm to filter out any foreign matters in water except purest water element and molecules. No bacteria, viruses even ions can hide from RO membrane filtration. RO membrane plays an indispensable role in RO water filter systems.


Post Filtration

After filtration of dirt, impurities, bacteria and viruses, water is very pure and tasteless without any mineral substances beneficial to body. For this reason, RO water filter system equipped with 2 or 3 more filters for post filtration. More flavour will be added into the purified water flow out from RO membrane. Beneficial mineral matters such as calcium and magnesium also given by post RO water filter system.

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