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Enjoy swimming with the clean swimming pool filtration
Published by BESTPURE May 28,2020

It is inevitable that a swimming pool filter will be used to own swimming pool, but some people do not know how to handle and maintain the filter element. If you master the use of the filter element, it will prolong its service life and reduce costs, and it can enhance the filtration effect and ensure the water quality. Are you doing it in place?

 swimming pool filtration

The swimming pool filtration used in the swimming pool is divided into several types: single cylinder, buoy type, pressure type, etc., and the material is divided into: paper, non-woven fabric, etc. For the filter element, the items to be aware of include:

1. The swimming pool filter is a consumable item, which needs to be replaced every 2-4 months, some are 12-24 months. Even if daily maintenance is in place, it cannot be used for a long time, otherwise the filtering effect will decrease.

2. When the swimming pool filtration filtering dirty things, it needs to be replaced every 2-3 days. The filter can be cleaned every time the swimming pool is changed.

3. The dirty things in the filter can be gently wiped with a finger or fiber cloth, do not pull the filter paper or non-woven fabric, otherwise the filter is basically scrapped.

4. The filter element is taken out for cleaning. It can be sprinkled with salt first, then immersed in clean water, so that the cleaning process has a certain bactericidal effect. After the cleaning is completed, it is dried and used.

 swimming pool filtration

5. The swimming pool filtration used in the swimming pool is better to prepare a few. When the filter is found yellow, black, or there are more adsorbents on the filter, it should be replaced in time.

6. After replacing the filter element, if the water is still yellow or green, clean the pipe.

7. When cleaning, do not use pressure water gun, hard brush, steel ball, toothbrush, etc. to prevent the paper damage, fluffing, excessive paper gap, etc. of the filter element, affecting the filter effect of the filter.

When using the filter element, excessive use or improper use of the filter element will have a great impact on its service life. Daily maintenance and maintenance will help the long-term use of the filter element, which will also help reduce operating costs.

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